Roswell NM


Roswell reminds me a lot of my hometown in that if you want anything to do after 9pm then your only choice is Walmart or having outside a gas station. Knowing this my first night I planned an entire day of doing everything worth doing and come to find out… many that weren’t worth doing.

Here is a list of the things I wanted to do in Roswell.


6AM- Roswell Welcome Sign: I wanted to get up early to make sure I didn’t have to wait in line to take the most sought after touristy photo. Turns out I didn’t have to do that. (I woke at 730 thanks to a gummy I ate the night before.)

Roswell may be for tourist but most of them aren’t here right now.

9AM Roswell Welcome Center: What a mistake this was. There really isn’t anything there except a guest sign in book and a couple of employees who offer to take your picture with a couple of aliens. I declined but they all look like this:

Not my Photo but you can see why I declined. I probably should have but I had a guestbook to sign. I’m very busy.

The staff was very helpful and took out a map to show me everything that is on Main Street. “Alien shit that way, bottomless lake that-a way”

International UFO and Research Center

These guys shake you down for $5 right out to gate. Then you go inside the museum and make your way around a bunch of alien dummies. Some cool stuff there like the project

Project Mogul Dummy 

mogul dummy.

I think I paid around a dollar per minute I spent in here. I bought a bumper sticker in the gift shop and a couple postcards.’


Project Mogul Wiki


Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

When I arrived I wasn’t even sure it was open. There was one car in the parking lot. Iventure inside and I am greeted by a very nice lady who gives me the run down of the exhibits. One cool thing about this place is that the funds (Donations) go to pay for room and board for their artist for the year they are on display. They are able to work solely on their artwork and have a beautiful place to showcase it. 

IMG_6160 copy
This is me with cloth spaghetti

Pecos Winery

I didn’t stick around for the taste testing. I was craving a beer but I still wanted to drop in and get some Alien themed wine for my girlfriend’s parents.

Here is the wine:


Bottomless Lake State Park

This place is super beautiful just look at these photos! Well worth going for a few hours!


Thrift Stores

I also hit up a couple antique stores and Goodwill. I found this woman’s pajama top that I just had to have.

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